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After architectural and interior design, d&c ’s qualified groups of engineers develop the rest of the necessary studies to complete the building design. Static, electrical, mechanical and energy studies, as well as the procedures required for the construction building license.


When a building construction license is required:

1. Building Permission is required for carrying out any building work, such as:

  1. Building demolitions
  2. Excavations, embankments
  3. Placing scaffolds
  4. New building constructions, adding onto or repair pre-existing structures
  5. Facade modification
  6. Change of the use of the building
  7. Yard construction
  8. Underground water tanks and waste water tanks
  9. Tree cutting

2. License for small – scale projects is required for the following tasks:

  1. Ground test sections before excavation
  2. Placement of prefabricated houses
  3. Pumping facilities
  4. Water drilling
  5. Geotechnical surveys
  6. Installation of temporary structures
  7. Elevator construction that is required for people with special kinetic needs

When a building construction license is not required

Building permission is not required for the following tasks:

  1. Small-scale internal repairs
  2. Internal and external colorations or railing replacement without using scaffolds
  3. Flooring change / repair.
  4. Installations and pipes maintenance / repair
  5. Replacing internal or external frames, without facade modification
  6. Roof maintenance / repair without using scaffolds
  7. Stone construction of the fence, up to one meter height. Also, delimitation is permitted using piles on plot peaks
  8. Pergola at the outdoor area
  9. Placement of an open water tank or a pool (maximum area: 40 m2)
  10. Small-scale ground formation with stones
  11. Placing air-conditioners
  12. Placing solar water heaters
  13. Green roofs or planted surfaces construction

For the above tasks, 48 hours before the construction takes place, an update is required at the local Police Department.



According to the new way of issuing building construction permissions, the documents the Urban Planning Department requires are the following:

1. For the building construction approval

  1. Application by the owner
  2. Topographical diagram and Construction diagram
  3. Receipts for engineering services

Notary contracts of the site ownership are also submitted and former building permissions of the existing buildings, in case of building add-on.

2. For the building construction permission

  1. Application by the owner
  2. Architectural design, which, also, includes passive fire protection study and accessibility study for people with special kinetic needs, where is required
  3. Static design
  4. Electrical installation study
  5. Mechanical installation study
  6. Energy building study
  7. Project management
  8. Plumping installation and drain study
  9. Active fire protection study
  10. Fuel gas study
  11. Health and safety study at the building site
  12. Notarial statement of parking spaces
  13. Receipts for engineering services
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