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For the particularly complex and time consuming license procedures, our company takes over the following:

  • Collection of the required documents from the relative Departments
  • Architectural and fire protection studies of the business
  • Safety inspection
  • Issue the commercial / business operation permission

A qualified group of engineers undertakes, free of charge, the pre-audit of the potential place the business is going to run, ensuring from the beginning that the place fulfills the requirements of the current legislation.


What should you beware of before you rent a space for health – regulates establishment.

When someone wants to open a health-regulated establishment shop, the first thing you should look for is a suitable place. The location and the rent are contributory factors to choose the store, but they do not determine if the business operation license will be issued eventually.

It is extremely important to know how easily and how soon your license will be issued, in order not to rent a shore that will trouble and delay the business for several months.

Below, we cluster the most basic criteria you should consider before selecting the store:


Firstly, you should ask for the building regulation, in order to ascertain if the building regulation allows (or not) the desirable business establishment.

If there is not a regulation, then you have to contact the manager of the building and ensure that the majority of the building owners consent to the business establishment, by signing a formal declaration. If there is not a building manager, the declaration has to be signed by the owner of the shop.


Each shop has different internal space needs, according to its purpose (e.g. preparation room, dishwashing room, wc) and capacity.

So, d&c confirms that the store is large enough to fulfill the business aim.

Urban Planning Department

To complete the store search, you need the architecture study and drawings of the store from the building license file at the Urban Planning Department. The d&c ‘s project manager will make an autopsy to determine whether the exterior and the interior of the store is according to the planning drawings.

Important points to check are the followings:

  • Whether planning infringements exist (arbitrary areas, space that do not appear in the drawings, space that imprinted differently etc.)
  • Whether change of the use of the store is required, according to the Urban Planning Department
  • Whether you need construction license (building permission for interior arrangements, approval for small-scale constructions etc.)
  • Whether authorization is required by another Department (e.g. Ministry of Culture etc.)
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