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Earn 50% discount on the construction building license!!!

Earn 50% discount on the construction building license!!!

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D&c ’s qualified groups of engineers undertake the development of any technical design and study, as well as the procedures required for the building permission issue.

After architectural and interior design, d&c ’s engineers develop the rest of the necessary studies to complete the building design. Static, electrical, mechanical and energy studies, as well as the procedures required for the construction building license.

Earn 50%discount on the construction building license!!!

The services d&c offers for the building license are:

  • Set the owner’s objectives
  • Preliminary architecture designs in accordance with the aesthetics and the project range. We present up to three architectural designs to reach the objectives.
  • Photorealistic illustration of the facades of the building.
  • Submit detailed architectural, mechanical, structural drawings to the Municipality and the Urban Planning Department to issue the building license.
  • Implementation plans for every construction step and interior photorealistic illustrations to “walk” through the building before the construction begins. During the construction, d&c manages and schedules the construction site, provides consultancy services and supervises.
  • On site: horizontal and vertical alignment of the building, reinforced concrete check and masonry framing.
  • After the report of the last mandatory inspection is submitted, the construction permit is stamped and a copy is given to the owner to attest that the building was completed in conformity with the approved plans. This stamped construction permit is needed in order to be connected with the utility companies (water, electricity).
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